BDivine Rewards Points Program:

Are you ready to elevate your nail game? By joining our exclusive community, you’ll unlock beauty rewards! Picture this- flawless nails, exciting incentives, and a glamorous journey.

Sign up today, and with every purchase, you earn points that open doors to luxurious travel experiences, trendy electronics, and indulgent dining. Imagine jet-setting to exotic destinations or enjoying the latest tech gadgets- all just for embracing your BDivine beauty routine.
But that’s not all! As a BDivine member, you’ll get exclusive sneak peeks into new product launches, beauty tips from the pros, and first dibs on our limited-edition collections. It’s more than just a beauty routine. It’s a lifestyle.
So, are you ready to embark on a journey of beauty, rewards, and endless possibilities? Join us today by clicking the Sign Up button. Let’s make every nail masterpiece together!
**Travel Experiences:**
1. Airfare & Hotel Vacation – Redeemable with 2,500 points.
2. 1-4 Night Las Vegas – Redeemable with 1,500 points.
3. Mayan Resorts Mexico – Redeemable with 2,000 points.
4. 7-Night Resort – Redeemable with 3,000 points.
5. 2 Night Hotel Stay – Redeemable with 800 points.
6. 3-Night Hotel Stay – Redeemable with 1,200 points.
7. 4-Night Hotel Stay – Redeemable with 1,500 points.
**Electronics and Accessories:**
1. Touch Mp4 Player – Redeemable with 300 points.
2. Premium Earbuds – Redeemable with 250 points.
3. Smart Fitness Watch – Redeemable with 500 points.
4. UV Smartphone Sterilizer – Redeemable with 350 points.
5. Portable Speaker Powered By Bluetooth – Redeemable with 200 points.
6. Bluetooth Headphones – Redeemable with 300 points.
7. Portable Blender – Redeemable with 400 points.
8. Bluetooth Transmitter – Redeemable with 250 points.
9. Portable Vehicle Vacuum – Redeemable with 350 points.
10. GPS Tracking Device – Redeemable with 450 points.
11. Vintage Hair Trimmers – Redeemable with 400 points.
**Dining and Entertainment:**
1. $300 Restaurant Cert. – Redeemable with 250 points.
2. Home Teeth Whitening Kit – Redeemable with 150 points.
3. Free Healthcare Discount – Redeemable with 100 points.
4. $25 Restaurant Gift – Redeemable with 50 points.
5. $100 Off Wine – Redeemable with 75 points.
6. $100 Restaurant Cash – Redeemable with 100 points.
7. $200 Restaurant Cash – Redeemable with 150 points.
8. $400 Restaurant Cash – Redeemable with 200 points.
9. $500 Restaurant Cash – Redeemable with 250 points.
**Luxury Stays:**
1. 4-Night Luxury Cruise – Redeemable with 2,000 points.
2. 7 Nights Resort Getaway Family Of Four – Redeemable with 3,500 points.
3. All-Inclusive Resort Stay Getaway – Redeemable with 2,500 points.
4. $100 Hotel Savings Card – Redeemable with 100 points.
5. $200 Hotel Savings Card – Redeemable with 150 points.
6. $300 Hotel Savings Card – Redeemable with 200 points.
7. $400 Hotel Savings Card – Redeemable with 250 points.
8. $500 Hotel Savings Card – Redeemable with 300 points.
1. **Eligibility:**
   – The rewards program is open to all customers who create an account on the BDivine website.
   – Participants must adhere to the terms and conditions outlined in the program.
2. **Earning Points:**
   – Customers earn 1 point for every $1 spent on BDivine products.
   – Points are not transferrable and can only be earned by the account holder.
3. **Redemption of Points:**
   – Points can be redeemed for rewards as outlined in the Rewards Catalog.
   – Rewards are subject to availability, and BDivine reserves the right to modify or replace rewards as needed.
4. **Reward Limits:**
   – Customers can redeem a maximum of two rewards per month.
   – Travel-related rewards are subject to additional terms and conditions.
5. **Point Expiry:**
   – Points do not expire as long as the customer remains an active member of the BDivine Rewards Program.
6. **Communication:**
   – BDivine will communicate program updates, exclusive offers, and rewards through email and the customer’s account dashboard.
   – Customers can opt out of promotional communications at any time.
7. **Account Security:**
   – Customers are responsible for maintaining the security of their accounts and should promptly report any suspicious activity.
8. **Modification of Program:**
   – BDivine reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the Rewards Points Program at any time, with or without notice.
9. **Fraud Prevention:**
   – BDivine has measures to detect and prevent fraudulent activities, and any attempt to manipulate the program will result in disqualification.
10. **Customer Support:**
    – For inquiries, concerns, or assistance related to the Rewards Points Program, customers can contact BDivine’s customer support team at

**Important Note:** Points required for redemption are subject to change, and rewards are subject to availability. A third party fulfills these incentives, and terms and conditions apply. BDivine reserves the right to modify or replace rewards in the catalog. Please refer to our website for the most up-to-date information on the Rewards Points Program. **Please email once you’re ready to redeem your points. **

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