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Black Rose Gel Nail Polish



We have added a style guide to pair this intense and elegant shade with the perfect hairstyle, makeup, and outfits. Swipe through for a visual feast of style inspiration!

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Introducing BDivine Black Rose Gel Nail Polish- a sultry blend of sophistication and bold allure. immerse your nails in the intense pigmentation of this deep black shade, reminiscent of the mysterious black rose. Unleash the drama with our highly pigmented formula. Achieve an opaque and striking black rose hue in just one coat.  Elevate any look versatility of Black Rose. Whether you’re aiming for chic, edgy style, or a timeless classic, this shade effortlessly complements various fashion choices. One coat of polish show.

How to achieve salon-worthy nails at home with this easy step by step guide:

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

  • Ensure you have your gel nail polish, base coat, top coat, UV/LED lamp, 180-grit nail file, nail dehydrator, nail primer, nail cleanser, and lint free wipes ready for a seamless application.

Step 2: Prep Your Nails

  • Start with clean dry nails. Remove any old polish and shape your nails using a file. Gently buff the nail surface for better adhesion and push back cuticles gently for a neat canvas.

Step 3: Apply Nail Dehydrator

  • Apply nail dehydrator to each nail. This helps remove excess oils and prepares the nail for optimal adhesion. Allow it to dry completely.

Step 4: Apply Nail Primer

  • Apply a thin layer of nail primer, ensuring even coverage. this promotes better adhesion and enhances the longevity of your gel manicure. Let it air-dry.

Step 5: Apply Base Coat 

  • Brush on a thin, even layer of the gel base coat, cap the edges to seal the nail. Cure under the lamp for 60 sec.

Step 6: First Layer of Color

  • Brush on a thin coat of Black Rose, avoiding the cuticles. Cure under the lamp for 60 sec. Repeat for a more vibrant color, if desired.

Step 7: Apply No- Wipe Top Coat

  • Brush a thin layer of no wipe gel top coat. Seal the edges for lasting results. Cure under the UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds to set the top coat.

Step 8: Cleanse and Moisturize

  • Moisturize your hands and cuticles for a final touch.
Outfit Pairing Suggestions:
  • Monochromatic Chic: Create a bold look statement by pairing Black Rose with all black attire for a sleek and sophisticated monochromatic look,
  • Contrast with Vibrant Hues: Add a pop of drama by pairing this deep black shade with vibrant colors like reds, purples, or emerald greens for a striking contrast.
  • Elegant Neutrals: Achieve an understated elegance by pairing Black Rose with neutral tones like whites, creams, or soft grays.
Hairstyle Pairing Suggestions:
  • Classic Updo: Showcase the drama of Black Rose with a classic updo like a bun or chignon for a refined and polished appearance.
  • Wavy Tresses: Soft, loose waves complement the edginess of Black Rose, creating a balance between drama and effortless charm.
  • Bold Pixie Cut: If your feeling bold, a sleek pixie cut can beautifully highlight the intensity of Black Rose, adding an extra edge to your overall look.


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